Over the years I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to experience things others may not have. Likewise, others I’m sure have experienced different things I’ve not had the chance to.

To name a few, some of my experiences and achievements include:

• Gaining a degree in a subject I love, and one that continues to shape the world
• Living abroad for almost a decade, experiencing a different culture, learning and using a foreign language
• Climbing Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis
• Playing in one of London’s most prestigious and iconic concert venues, the Royal Albert Hall
• Raising over a £1000 for charity
• Having tea at the Ritz
• Seeing the Rolling Stones live in concert

So why have a bucket list?

Its so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, the pace of life, work, etc. Before you know it, like the saying we’ve all heard, time flies! I find a bucket list helps to have a healthy focus on life, things to aim for and achieve, or simply experience and enjoy.

My bucket list consists of; going on safari, visiting different cities, running a marathon, completing a triathlon, flying in a hot air balloon amongst others. In the short term, I like to have mini bucket lists to focus on, to tick things off along the way on my running journey.

When I started running in 2017, I didn’t imagine I would ever run a 10k let alone a half-marathon. Once I reached 10k, I made a bucket list of a race each month and running a race abroad in Barcelona where I used to live. By which time I had caught the ‘running bug’.

[The Running Bug]
In 2018 my monthly race challenge continued with the pinnacle of running the Great North Run on my birthday. However, unfortunately, just 4 weeks before the big day I fractured my fibula. I deferred my place, and the monthly race challenge was put on hold while on the injury and recovery bench.

My running bucket list includes a variety of different aspects, personal challenges, running-related activities, places to visit and explore, running races, all of which you will be able to read about on my blog page Runiversity life™.

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