In order to keep track of my fitness levels and journey, I thought it best to keep a record race times, and personal best (PB’s) on a yearly basis. The aim, to try and get fitter, be healthier and to track my progress along the way.

Being 6’4” tall with a fairly large build, I will always be on the heavier side of the scale compared to people who are shorter, smaller and slimmer than me. We all come from different backgrounds, are different shapes, sizes and have different genetic makeup. There will always be fitter, faster and better runners out there, unless, you are one of the world’s champion elite runners. The only person I’m competing with is myself to try and be a fitter, healthier me. Also, to keep the fun in the run and do something that I surprisingly found I really enjoy.

Personal Bests

All time PBs and PBs by year
Yearparkrun5k5 miles10k7 miles10 milesHMMarathon
All Time00:35:1100:29:4300:54:5500:58:4401:10:5501:41:0202:15:57n/a

Completed Runs 2020 (After several months out, plus the year of the Covid Pandemic)

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DateRace / EventDistanceTime
2020-02-29parkrun - Wycombe Rye #3905k00:45:41
2020-02-29Dash in the Dark10k01:30:56
The Bath HalfHalf Marathon02:57:03

Completed Runs 2019 (Post Injury)

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DateRace / EventDistanceTime
2019-01-19National Trust Osterley Park Night Run7k00:49:33
2019-02-03Cancer Research UK London Winter Run10k01:22:35
2019-05-12Grant and Stone Marlow 55 miles00:56:05
2019-05-18parkrun - Wycombe Rye #3505k00:39:56
2019-05-19Royal Berkshire 10K10k01:14:41
2019-05-26Mercedes Benz World Running Grand Prix10k01:15:07
2019-06-01parkrun - Wycombe Rye #3525k00:36:22
2019-06-09The Wargrave 5 Race5 miles00:58:52
2019-06-17Les Courantes De a Liberte10k01:12:36
2019-06-22parkrun - Penrose #2235k00:35:11
2019-06-25Boconnoc 55 miles01:06:42
2019-06-30Thame CPM 10k10k01:18:21
2019-09-08The Great North RunHalf Marathon02:48:20
2019-10-13Oxford Half MarathonHalf Marathon02:39:36

Completed Runs 2018 (Pre Injury)

DateRace / EventDistanceTime
Wokingham Half MarathonHalf Marathon02:15:57
2018-03-30Maidenhead Easter 1010 miles01:41:02
2018-04-15Woodley 10K10k01:00:33
MK Marathon Weekend Half MarathonHalf Marathon02:44:42
2018-06-24Thame CPM 10k10k01:03:50
2018-07-18Waddesdon Manor Summer 5K5k00:29:43
2018-08-05Bearbrook 10K10k01:12:48
2018-08-11Thames Meander Half MarathonHalf Marathon02:26:40

Completed Runs 2017 (My first year of running)

DateRace / EventDistanceTime
2017-03-13HR Time Trial5k00:37:51
2017-05-07Grant and Stone Marlow 55 miles00:54:55
2017-06-12HR Time Trial10k01:07:27
2017-06-25Thame CPM 10K10k01:07:28
2017-07-16Grant & Stone Wycombe 10K10k01:16:06
2017-08-13Run Dorney 10K10k01:14:44
2017-09-11HR Time Trial Support10k01:04:19
2017-09-17Cursa de la Mercè 10K Barcelona 10k01:01:14
2017-10-22Water of Life 10K10k00:59:12
2017-11-05Marlow 77 miles01:10:55
2017-11-05Muddy Mo Runner10k01:02:51
2017-12-04HR Time Trial Support10k00:59:17
2017-12-09Osterley Park Winter 10K10k00:58:44
2017-12-31Gut Buster Trail Series10 miles02:13:43

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