Global Trail Running Day – September 19th 2020

I love escaping to the trails when possible, so when I heard about the inaugural ‘Global Trail Running Day’, I signed up right away. A reason to head out to trails, not that I really needed one. Also, it was an opportunity to collect a bit of bling in a year, where because of the Covid pandemic we are somewhat starved of events and mementoes to keep us going.

Global Trail Running Day
[Global Trail Running Day – screenshot by Runiversity of life]

What is Global Trail Running Day?

The idea is to celebrate how special trail running is as an activity, and raise awareness around why it is one of the very best forms of exercise. Above all, the ultimate goal or mission is to get more people into trail running. This first day was said to be just the beginning. However, there is excitement for the future of this day as more people take part from around the world. 

Furthermore, for signing up, I received a free exclusive copy of an ebook, ’10 Ways Trail Running Will Change Your Life’, oh, and not forgetting the lovely, large laser cut and etched wooden medal. The medal was even customised with the distance I ran on it.

Global Trail Running Day Medal
[Global Trail Running Day Medal – photo by Runiversity of life]

What is Trail Running?

According to the organisers ‘trail running is a mode of exercise like jogging, but instead of the grey pavements of the city or the bump and whizz of the treadmill, it uses the trails found in and around green spaces. Everything from seaside tracks, to pathways through the woods, to hills, valleys and mountains – all are the proscenium to the trail adventures awaiting you.’

Trail running for me is a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban sprawl. Additionally, I love heading to the trails and listening to the calm of nature and taking in the surroundings. There’s always something to see, new things and paths to discover. Fortunately, I live in a town where there are lots of green spaces not very far away and even more slightly further afield with a short drive. Living in the Chilterns has its benefits.

My Global Trail Running Day Run

I headed to one of my favourite go-to routes, a 9km circular route with lots to see. 

On the route, a large rock marks where local highwayman John Cooper was hung, supposedly his gravestone. Moreover, buried underneath along with his remains is said to be his loot, as the authorities never recovered any of the stolen booty. 

One night a couple of brave souls tried to dig up his grave and search for the treasure. The air filled with a chill and the sound of a horse whinnying could be heard, but there was no horse in sight! John Cooper then appeared with a pistol in his hand, saying ‘Stand and deliver’. The couple fled in fright!

Furthermore, it is said, that over the years, other foolish or greedy individuals have tried to take the treasure. But, each time they have been scared off, as John rises from his grave to protect the booty! 

Finally, don’t forget to add Global Trail Running Day to your calendar (the third Saturday of September each year). You can never have enough reasons to go out for a run. For more information about Global Trail Running Day, head over to

Global Trail Running Day Website
[Global Trail Running Day Website – screenshot by Runiversity of life]
I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Happy running everyone! :-)


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Global Trail Running Day – September 19, 2020
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