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Muc Off Fabric Protector
[Muc Off Fabric Protector – photo by Runiversity of life]
Earlier at the beginning of the year, I was after a new pair of trail shoes. From researching online, a few different material options came to light. From my findings, Gore-tex is waterproof and stops water from getting in. However, for example, if you were to submerge your shoe in a stream, water would get in, but it’s not so easy to get out. Some opinions suggested it was less breathable and therefore your feet sweat more.

I decided to post a question to my local running club for opinions. I was interested to know others’ experiences with Gore-Tex and Non-Gore-Tex shoes. What was better to go for?

The answers came in, and the consensus was, to not bother spending extra money on Gore-Tex, as once water gets in your feet stay wet. One lady suggested to purchase Non-Gore-Tex shoes and then spray the tops with a waterproofing wax instead. That would help when running through long grass. But when it comes to puddles, you will get wet regardless and have paid more for the privilege of Gore-Tex. She had also made a compare and contrast with a friend and didn’t think there was much difference. Thank you, Jo.

My mind was made up, Non-Gore-Tex it was. I purchased my shoes saving £20.00. With the saving, I decided to look for a shoe protector spray and also a pair of waterproof socks, yes, they do exist.

On searching for the different shoe sprays, I came across a product called  “Muc Off – Fabric protector“. This wasn’t a wax-based spray, but instead a Nano Hydrophobic spray. Hydrophobic technology works by coating a surface causing an almost imperceptibly thin layer of air to form on top of a surface. Any liquid on the coating repels and simply rolls off. After watching their video and other YouTube videos of similar hydrophobic coatings, it was a no brainer.

Product description and specs

Once sprayed onto the surface of the garment you want to protect, Fabric Protect guards against fluids like water, tomato ketchup, honey, ice cream syrup, egg, oil and grime! It’s all down to Fabric Protect’s invisible Hydrophobic coating, that’s safe to use on all fabrics! Including leather, suede, cotton, polyester and breathable fabrics!

  • Colourless when dry, naturally air curing
  • 100% Hydrophobic water repellency with oil and stain protection
  • Safe on breathable fabrics – No effect to flexibility or breathability
  • Cost – £5.00


The application is easy, all you have to do is simply spray on three coats (one coat every 30 minutes). Leave to dry for 24 hours, for maximum protection, job done. The instructions state to spray in a well-ventilated area. I sprayed my shoes in the garage and must say although well ventilated, there was a very strong pungent chemical smell. Next time I will apply the layers outside on a dry day.

Although the products specs do declare colourless when dry, the instructions do have a warning stating “some dyes and materials may be sensitive to solvents. Colour change or degradation of the material may happen if it’s incompatible.”

24 hours passed, so I decided to do a water test, and I must say the water really does simply bead straight off.  Because fabric on running shoe uppers are woven and breathable, I was quite surprised. Then with a quick wipe of tissue, the shoes were more or less dry. No water made its way through the fabric what so ever.

It’s now slightly less than 6 months since I sprayed the shoes. I have tested once again, this time with muddy water to see if the replant coating still exists. Take a look at these two videos, the first with mud thrown at the shoes, and the second with mud rubbed into the shoe. I think you will be quite impressed.



I really like this product, and will definitely use it again to protect my shoes. It’s breathable, unlike wax, and it does what it says on the tin. Also, it makes cleaning your running shoes so much easier, as you can see from the video. Firstly, because your shoes don’t get so mucky. And secondly, all you simply do, is run the dirty shoe gently under the tap to rinse any ‘Muc Off’!


I’m going to give the Muc Off’ – Fabric Protector a score of 4.5 out of 5 on the Runiversity of life™ Runometer™



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Muc Off Fabric Protector – July 18, 2019
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