Run for Heroes
[Run for Heroes – Artwork credit: India at IVPstudios]
I recently come across ‘Run For Heroes’ another running initiative, at this difficult time. It is a national social media campaign, set up to raise money and support the NHS workers, in their fight against COVID-19.

Run For Heroes and help support the NHS

The concept is to run 5k, donate £5 via the ‘Run For Heroes’ fundraising page, and nominate five other people to do the same. Simple!

‘Run For Heroes’ began on March 28th, and more than a thousand people took part. Within a matter of days, the initial aim of £5000 was complete! The organisers Have been increasing the target and it is now at £250,000. With the help of people like you and me, they reached the £100,000 in 10 days. The campaign continues and who knows how much we can all raise! They are currently sitting at over £150,000 with over 30,000 runners taking part globally including celebrities such as Lily James, Chris Moyles, Johnny Bairstow and John Terry!

This is the first pandemic in our lifetimes and also the first for over 100 years! The coronavirus virus is not restricted by geographical boundaries, religion or creed, race or colour – it affects all of us. We are fighting an enemy in which we do not know the extent of its global reach and impact!

To beat this, we all have to unite together!

The money raised by the ‘Run for Heroes’ campaign will;

  • fund well-being packs for staff and volunteers on wards/departments.
  • go towards the travel costs, parking, accommodation for NHS staff and volunteers etc.
  • go towards other items that NHS Charities request to enhance the well-being of NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

Sign-up, run and nominate! What are you waiting for?

Let’s all come together to show support for the NHS, its workers and this fitting worthwhile cause.

It’s a no brainer…Just a small donation of £5 helps the frontline continue the fight to save lives.

To sign up, see below:

  • Run 5k
  • Donate £5 on the fundraising page
  • Nominate 5 people on social media or Strava to do the same

Instagram tag @run.for.heroes #runforheroes #NHS #beatcovoid19

Run for Heroes
[Run for Heroes – photo by Runiversity of life]

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Run For Heroes – Help support the NHS
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