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Running Bingo in progress
[Running Bingo in progress – photo by Runiversity of life]
While we are under lockdown, staying at home and social distancing, we are still allowed out once a day for one form of exercise. According to government guidelines, run, walk or cycle, and minimise time outdoors. At least that’s something, especially for us runners. Imagine if we were not allowed out at all!

Our usual routines have gone out the window. We are adopting a different way of life, at least until the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. Consequently, we are not allowed to run with a running buddy, or go up to the local running club to see friends and for a group run. Therefore, it’s solo running for a while.

Sometimes it can feel hard to motivate ourselves to head out the front door for a run. However, there are a couple of running initiatives such as the ‘FindaRace Plan-B‘ virtual race and the ‘Run for Heroes‘ campaign to keep you busy for a while. Both raise money for the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and NHS Charities Together, respectively. Great ideas and help us fight the coronavirus!

Aside from the above, I find the best way to keep running is to set mini-challenges. For instance, I have just finished jogging every road in my local parish. While on runs, I’ve been wracking my brain for an idea of what to do next. And, this is when ‘Running Bingo‘ was born!

The Running Bingo Concept

The concept is to support solo running, by having a variety of different tasks to perform and keep the fun in the run! All you have to do is pick a number out of the hat and complete the corresponding assignment. There are 25 activities in total. For example; a rainbow run, roll a dice run, a 3-day run streak, and others to keep you motivated and running. I hope you like it.

Download a Running Bingo Card below:

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For more running fun, see the other activities in my ‘Keep the fun in the run series

Please remember to adhere to the government guidelines. Only exercise alone or with members of the same household no more than once a day, if feeling healthy enough to do so. Maintain a social distance of two meters from others.

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Running Bingo
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