Group Virtual Running Scavenger Hunt

Running Scavenger Hunt
[Running Scavenger Hunt – photo by Runiversity of life]
I hope everyone had as pleasant Easter as possible while social distancing. I started to feel a little stir-crazy while under lockdown, and missing seeing friends and running buddies, as I am sure many of you are too!

It’s nice to see friends through the virtual relays running clubs are holding. The idea is for a person to run a set distance/time and post ‘runfies’ (selfies) dressed up with a cuddly toy as a baton. The runner then passes the virtual baton to the next person in their team to complete their leg of the relay.

Another idea is to hold a ‘Group Virtual Running Scavenger Hunt‘. You group together with a set of friends to run at an arranged time and find the items on a predefined list. Participants don’t physically collect the items! All you do is take a ‘runfie’ with the object as proof and share it with the group. For example, on a whats-app or messenger group or whatever platform/app you choose. I thought this was a reasonably fitting idea as, at Easter, it is a tradition is to have an Easter egg hunt.

How to play.
  • With some running friends, arrange a time and date to join in a running scavenger hunt.
  • Agree to a set duration for how long the run should last. E.g. 1 hour.
  • Set up a Whats-app group or Messenger group so everyone can interact.
  • Share the scavenger hunt list with your running buddies and group.
  • Each runner starts from there own location – don’t forget to take your mobile phone!
  • Head out for the run keeping your eyes open for as many items on the list in the timeframe.
  • When you find an item, take a runfie with the object and share it to the group.
  • When the time is up, the scavenger hunt is complete. You can still finish your run, however, no items found after the timeframe count.
  • When you have finished your run, count up the total number of items you found.
  • The winner is the person with the highest number of items from the list!

Why not generate your own list and play it again with your running friends.

Download the Running Scavenger Hunt below:

Share your favourite runfies and tag @runiversitylife #runningscavengerhunt

I hope you enjoy being able to do something with your running friends while social distancing and keep the fun in the run!

For more running fun, see the other activities in my ‘Keep the fun in the run series

Please remember to adhere to the government guidelines. Only exercise alone or with members of the same household no more than once a day, if feeling healthy enough to do so. Maintain a social distance of two meters from others.

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Group Virtual Running Scavenger Hunt
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