The Runner’s Journey

[The Runners Journey – photo by Runiversity of life]
I recently shared my Running Bingo #runningbingo and the Virtual Group Social Distance Running Scavenger Hunt #runningacavengerhunt ideas. The next in my ‘Keep the Fun in the Run’ series to motivate and support your running at this unprecedented time is ‘The Runner’s Journey’ #therunnersjourney.

The concept is to support solo running, by having a variety of different tasks to perform and keep the fun in the run! All you do is simply roll a dice, and move a piece along the running route until you reach the finish. The squares you land on have different running tasks to complete / social media posts / running reminders. As you land on the squares, check the tasks on the list, then go and conquer! There are 26 activities in total. For example; interval running, fartlek running, an elevation challenge, various running selfies to upload on social media and others to keep you motivated and running. I hope you like it.

When you complete the tasks, why not have another go to generate some more.

I hope you enjoy the different running tasks to complete ‘The Runner’s Journey’ and my ‘Keep the Fun in the Run’ series.

Download the Running Scavenger Hunt below:

Share your favourite selfies and tag @runiversitylife #therunnersjourney

Happy running everyone! Stay safe!

For more running fun, see the other activities in my ‘Keep the fun in the run series

Please remember to adhere to the government guidelines. Only exercise alone or with members of the same household no more than once a day, if feeling healthy enough to do so. Maintain a social distance of two meters from others.

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The Runner’s Journey
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