When Plan-A goes out the window, there’s always a Plan-B!

Everyone needs a Plan-B! Finding the motivation to run can be somewhat hard at times like this. Races are cancelled or postponed, and running clubs suspended until further notice or later in the year.

The guys and girls at findarace.com have a come up with a fitting virtual challenge (Plan-B) to keep us runners motivated and running. Plus, all profits go to the WHO (World Health Organisation) COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund!

Featured on ITV, in the Daily Telegraph, and Sunday Times, the findarace.com Plan-B Virtual Challenge has it all, and is suitable for all abilities, even children!  

Your Plan-B could be a 1, 2 or 3 km virtual race for the kids, a 5k to half marathon race for us runners, or even an accumulative distance total, ranging from 25 km all the way up to 200 km. There’s something for everyone! 

What’s more, when you complete your challenge, you even get a cracking large #elbowbumbing medal to boot!

Plan-B Medal
[FindaRace Plan-B Virtual Challenge – screenshot by findarace.com]
Plan-B was launched in mid-March, and within a short time, 1000 runners signed up raising a whopping £10000 in just a week! With such a rapid response and success, the organisers decided to increase the reach and not limited the number of entrants to the Plan-B challenge.

Entry is still open and lasts until the end of April. All you have to do is, sign up, pay the small sum of £10, choose your desired challenge, then go and conquer!

Once completed, simply upload proof of your run(s) by April 30th. That’s it, voila, the lovely #elbowbumbing, blingtastic, medal is yours!

To sign up, see below:

  • Enter your desired race/distance on the FindaRace platform, and pay the £10 entry fee.
  • Run the distance by the end of April.
  • Send the organisers evidence of your run(s)
  • and receive your medal in the post!

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There’s always a Plan-B!